• MIKE GALELI – The man behind the brand

    Mike Galeli stages fashion out of passion and in different roles. Born in Istanbul and raised in Austria, Mike Galeli set decisive steps for his success as an entrepreneur already at the beginning of his international modeling and acting career.

    Mike Galeli was a popular protagonist in the fashion world for many years, since 2008 he is now also a successful producer of high-quality leather accessories. His collections are characterized by focusing on the best materials and craftsmanship.

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  • MIKE GALELI - The brand

    The vision behind the brand MiKE GALELi is the enthusiasm for innovation. It is ahead of time and a brand for trendsetters. Simple elegance meets unconventional design and contemporary modernism. The brand stands for creative inspiration, which at the same time ensures the perfect implementation of individual lifestyle fashion. It is firmly focused originality and aesthetics.

    MiKE GALELi combines tradition with innovation, designed by people with visions. Handmade by people with traditional craftsmanship. Created for people who live lifestyle. Mike Galeli unites these people immensely.

    MiKE GALELi - for people who live lifestyle.

  • Exclusivity
    Leather at its finest

    The brand Mike Galeli uses exclusively the best cow leather. The varieties selected for the production are read like the "who is who" of the leather quality: Saffiano, Rolax, Epi, Havyar ...

  • Handmade
    modern as never before

    No machine in the world can replace traditional craftsmanship. This talent is passed on from generation to generation. Point of honor for Mike Galeli to use this.

  • Quality
    Qualified for higher

    For us, compromise is the best basis for a high-quality product. It is also the key for a consistent focus on the highest demands.

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